Visual Identity

Re-thinking banking for creative freelancers. Receive payments, breeze through taxes, manage expenses, collect payments, and so much more.

Our Approach

Zestful is more than a bank - it's a solution hub for creatives aimed at tackling the nuances of billing, taxes, and managing business finances. With this in mind, we set out to create a down to earth, approachable logo with a little zest.

Logomark concept

Our goal was to create a playful mark that used aspects of a credit card and a lemon. After some exploration, we landed on this logomark that cleverly nests a lemon inside of a credit card.

Credit Card

Zestful Benefits

Help with cashflow

Automated quarterly taxes

Easy to collect payments

Business resources

Real rewards

Physical and virtual cards to make spending easy peasy lemon squeezy
Heavy duty custom metal cards. Your wallet might not be ready
Create unlimited virtual cards to better manage expenses.

Additional Features Include...

Mobile and web app

Savings account with auto-save features

Send and collect custom invoices

Send proposals and contracts

Reporting and accounting

Add multiple team members

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