Re-thinking banking for creative freelancers
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New demension to yield-bearing assets in decentralized finance.
Developing a visual guide for Disney’s design system.
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Achieve Total Self-Mastery
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Sense Finance
Decentralized finance
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Banking for creative freelancers
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Design system visual guide
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Simply communicate
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Achieve total self-mastery
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Monitoring & product analytics

Services we provide

We are a multi-disciplinary team of designers driven by one goal, To create the very best work for our clients. Here are a few of the things we specialise in.

Brand Identity

We create unique and powerful brand identities that help companies achieve their goals and stand out amongst the competition.

Web Design

We help companies craft captivating websites. Our designs tell stories and guide users, from vision to action.

Mobile Design

We design mobile and responsive web experiences, allowing users to interact with apps in a way that feels effortless.


We create visual stories that help explain your mission and vision.


Icons that support the brand and help simplify your message.


Solve any design challenge in Webflow. If you can dream it, we can build it.

What our clients say about us

Kenton Prescott

Sense | Co-founder

“Ted was phenomenally helpful in mapping out various paths in our logo design. He responded well to feedback and was quick to implement changes. I highly recommend his service to anyone looking for a new brand or redesign.”

Giacomo Cossu

conversio | Founder

“It was a pleasure working with Ted. He is professional, honest, transparent, and went above and beyond my expectations working fast and effectively creating a unique brand. He’s very talented and he has cared about our goals as much as I do.”

Mason Gentry


“Working with Ted was a blast. He understood the brief and provided us with the solution we need, a strong brand that will grow and evolve along with us!”

Yevgenia Kobenko

Lifestyle Blogger

"I can confidently recommend Ted to anyone in need of logo and brand design. Fresh, modern, and clean work and such a pleasure to work with."

Joe Mordica

VOXO  |  Founder

“Our experience was great and the project was completed in a timely manner and with excellence.”

Jack Jenkins

Remojo  |  Founder

"Ted is an amazing designer who has a great sense of aesthetics and professionalism which has impressed the whole team. He has redesigned our apps, UI and assets and made them look polished, premium and ready to scale - exactly what we need to go to the next level."

Jeff Milinichik

Performance golf  |  Partner

“Ted was very professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. He led the creative process and developed a new logo and website for our company which greatly improved the look of our brand. Highly recommended.”

Chris Araldi

Power My analytics | Head of Operations

"We chose Ted because of his style and the thought he puts into his designs.  His process is methodical, he is enjoyable to work with, and the results are outstanding. I can confidently recommend Ted to anyone looking for help with their brand or illustrations."